• December 1st 2016 

Auctions until Sunday Dec. 4th!

Hello dear friends!

There will be two special sets for auctions until Sunday 4th December. I'm using eBay for the Bunny and private auction on my website for the Bear set.  

The "Bunny Rainbow Smock" set will be on eBay until Sunday at 2PM (Spain, Barcelona UTC/GMT +1 hour)

The "Bear with School" set will be on the shop, you can send offers via email to: monkey.mformonkey.com, until Sunday at 2.30PM. (Spain, Barcelona UTC/GMT +1 hour)

  • August 17th 2016 
  • Shop update, eBay and custom for adoption!

    Hello dear friends!

    There will be a mini-shop update on Friday, 19th August. I've changed to a new website with a new shop and this will be the first update. Hope all will go well, but please apologise for any possible trouble. Since it's the first time I use it, only a small quantity of items will be available.  

    There will be 5 Kitty Ballet sets on the webshop. It will be held at three different times as usual: 8AM, 4PM and 8PM. (Spain, Barcelona UTC/GMT +1 hour) Please be sure to read the shop Terms and Conditions. There’s a limit of one item per customer, please let others have a chance to get an item too! ^__^

    There is also a special floral Kitty Ballet set on eBay starting today until Saturday August 20th. Hope you like it! Please click here for the eBay auction!

    Also on Friday 19th there will be an old custom made by me to adopt on my shop. She's a 2012 custom FBL dress with MforM clothes. 

    8AM ITEMS:  1 Kitty Ballet Set for Neo Blythe

    4PM ITEMS:  2 Kitty Ballet Set for Neo Blythe

    8PM ITEMS:  2 Kitty Ballet Set for Neo Blythe

    Please read!!


    1. There is a limit of 1 item per person, per update policy. You can only buy one item at each update. An update consists of all items available at a specific day, including all three different times in one day. So you can only buy one item from those available at that day. We will make sure to inform about what will be available at each time.

    2. If you buy more than one item from an update (for example one dress from the 8AM and another from the 4PM) your second order will be cancelled.

    Set up time and limitation of quantity should help to reach as many people as possible. Thank you very much for your understanding!

    In the case of an item getting a duplicate order from two different customers, we'll give priority on a first come first serve basis.

    3. Items come from a smoke free home, but I do have a cat. She doesn't come near the fabrics or sewing space but her hair wanders around the house. If you're allergic please let me know and I'll do my best to keep it as much hair free as possible. All clothes get cleaned with a lint roller and checked before packed.

    Thank you for reading and have a nice day! ;)

    • August 21th 2016 

    MiniCamille Charity

    Hello friends!

    I wanted to thank you all for your support and love! You're what keeps me going making clothes for your girls. <3

    Many of you know, for each MiniCamille made and adopted, we donate 2 euros to a chosen charity. The first batch #1 to #35 dolls charity choice was ManaNutrition

    The second batch #36 to #66 dolls charity choice was Save the children

     So THANKS to all of you who adopted a MiniCamille and made this possible! You rock!