• August 2nd 2017 

Auctions until Thursday Aug. 3rd!

Hello dear friends!

It’s been a while since the last update! My apologies for those waiting, it’s been really busy for me and I’m still trying my best to adjust to everything. There will be a shop update tomorrow on Thursday, 3rd August. Hope all will go well, but please apologise in advance for any possible trouble. I try my best to fix the problems but there might be a glitch on the website due to excessive traffic.

There will be 2 MiniBearCamille's and 7 MiniBatCamille's, plus some original illustrations and three special sets on the webshop. It will be held at three different times as usual: 7AM, 4PM and 8PM. (Spain, Barcelona UTC/GMT +1 hour)  Please read these terms and conditions carefully:

  1. It is required for sales from Spain to include the Identification number of the customer on the invoice, please kindly add it to the order in the “notes” area at the bottom of your order, you can also email it later. Orders without ID will be cancelled, you can also use your Passport number. 
  2. Only one MiniCamille doll per customer is accepted. Please refrain from buying from different users with similar addresses and give others a chance to adopt one too. 
  3. You can purchase as many prints as you wish. ;)
  4. Orders will be sent through registered mail with tracking number, if you prefer EMS please contact me. 

The three special sets will be sold at auction prices. I know this is not the fairest for everybody, but right now I need the funds to pay for bills and buy some time to work on some new sets for the upcoming event. I’m trying to save on excessive eBay fees so I decided to offer them on the shop directly. 

I’ll keep working hard to try and make another update on the shop before the end of the year. Thank you all very much for your support, without it none of this would be possible.


  •  1 Butterfly Hugs Set for Neo Blythe
  •  1 MiniBearCamille doll
  • 2 MIniBatCamille dolls


  • 1 Bear with School Set for Neo Blythe
  • 1 MiniBearCamille doll
  • 2 MiniBatCamille dolls


  • 1 Cosy Bunny Set for Neo Blythe
  • 3 MiniBatCamille dolls

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! ;)